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Project Management

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Rockbank Primary School

Project - New School Replacement - Capital Works Program

Value - $2M



The existing Rockbank Primary School was located on the Western Highway, approximately 1.7 kilometres north – west of Rockbank’s residential area and its community facilities.

The School was relatively remote from the community it served; therefore the DEECD agreed to re – establish the School to a new site.

The new site was established on 1.4 hectares which now forms the eastern portion of the Shire of Melton Rockbank Ian Cowie Recreation Reserve.

The Reserve site includes a football oval, tennis courts, cricket pitches and clubrooms; the new site is well located within the existing township and provides an excellent opportunity to consolidate/synergize the new school and the town’s community.

A site suitability Assessment report provided by DEECD formed the basis and recommendation for the Reserve Site being developed for a new Primary School.

DEECD proposed project for Rockbank Primary was a Replacement School.

DEECD determined that the Project Long Term enrolment band was in the band value of 101 - 125

The Master Plan was for the enrolment band of 101 – 125 with the project completed in one (1) stage only under construction to meet the 101 – 125 enrolment band.

The Master Plan for Rockbank Primary School was prepared by B. D. S & Assoc p/l in consultation with:

Rockbank Primary School Working Party, which included the School Principal (Rob Nicholls), School/Staff Personnel, DEECD Facility Manager, Teachers and Parents

Several meetings with the Shire of Melton personnel were held at the School and the Shire Offices to establish a synergy for the Site with respect to:

    • Traffic Management
    • Shared Parking Resources
    • Shared Reserve Recreational Facilities
    • Possible future co – habitation (future Kindergarten)
    • School drop off zone location
    • ESD Opportunities

Discussions and meetings took place between the Shire of Melton and DEECD Planning and Provision Branch to with respect to the above synergy opportunities, items included and completed within the project works were the shared car parking and the school drop off zone

The approved Master Plan took into account certain synergy aspects (non resolved items) subject to whether these synergy opportunities are implemented in the future on the School site.